Creating a 360° facilitation under one roof

WTC chandigarh construction in full swing


The construction of WTC Chandigarh which is underway is poised to become the most environmentally-sustainable commercial project of its size and state.This colossal project through VERBIND- Trade Services Arm of WTC Chandigarh; is aiming to improve the local business competitiveness and creating favorable business climate for investors as well as information pertaining to investment market opportunities.

WTC Chandigarh; on one hand, will be the in-bound access point for WTC members and businesses around the world to connect with the local business community. On the other hand, it will be the outbound channel for local businesses to get direct access to the global market. WTC Chandigarh through VERBIND will create trade and investment flows in both directions, which will in turn benefit both the Chandigarh/Tri-City region and the global business community.


The presence of a World Trade Center facility in Chandigarh will further bolster regional strategies to develop export-oriented economic zones by attracting foreign business and multinational companies to the region.WTC Chandigarh & VERBIND- Its Trade Services Arm; will act as major catalysts to the economic growth of the Chandigarh Capital Region (CCR) and is expected to bring CCR onto a global platform.

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